FIRST - Financial Institution Registry

FIRST - Financial Institution Registry

FIRST, short for Financial Institutions Registry, is one of the main modules of FINA IRP, which fully covers the processes of the registration, change and cancellation of financial institutions.

FIRST allows users to digitally carry out all the stages of the country related processes, from the receipt of the application to the issuance of the license. After the registration, each financial institution has its own profile (record) in the registry, containing: general information, administrators, branches and head office, shareholder structure, documentation related to concrete financial institutions, linking with other financial institutions, Email/SMS sending functionality and the process history.

Complex logics and system constraints minimize the likelihood of an error and increases’ employee’s efficiency by reducing time spent working with documentation.


Dashboard of FIRST visualizes the most important and live data from the module, thus allowing the user to capture valuable information without going into details.

The full functionality and capabilities of FIRST includes:

  • Management of registration, change and cancellation processes
  • Advanced search (searches in registry and in content of the documentation as well)
  • Reporting (export filtered information in Excel format)
  • Document request registry (request certain documents from the existing financial institutions and manage their submissions)
  • Black List (List of persons and entities unable to become administrators or shareholders, synchronizes with the profile of financial institution)
  • Attestation (Includes processes to in order to quality administrator before promoting to certain position in the financial institution)
  • Organizations and individuals (Contains information regarding auditors, liquidators and others… that are or can be related to any financial institution)