About FINA During COVID - 19

We, along with many others organizations, have updated our practices to ensure uninterrupted work during a pandemic outbreak.
We realize that in this time of pandemic, it is critical that we ensure all necessary processes and services are up and running - being in business for years and always doing the mission critical work, taught us to keep our systems sustainable. We are committed to upholding the terms and agreements set with our clients. We are working continuously to avoid delays that impact customers.
FINA LLC is a pioneer in using remote access for years and teleconferencing is also our daily routine. This will be vital in ensuring “business as usual” during the time of the pandemic. We are prepared well and our management team is regularly monitoring our performance.
If you may have any questions or assistance needed, please feel free to contact us as usual. In case there may be a problem reaching your corporate email, let us know from your personal addresses also.
All our regular contacts remain up and running:
Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber:  +995 599 803 513 ; +995 598 96 94 32 ; +995 598 75 70 80;
Website:  FINA2.NET